Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Best of Resort 2010 Collections

Alexander Wang
Loving all the looks in this collection, Alexander Wang doesn’t disappoint. Very laid back and effortless.
Love Love Love

Marc Jacobs
Cropped jackets worn with bathing suit tops and high-waisted satin shorts. LOVE IT. Also notice the shoes, want them!

Rag & Bone
Laid back and casual, yet amazingly stylish, a combination which is absolutely perfect in my opinion.
To sum it up:
"She's the type of girl that you see walking down the street and say, 'Damn, doesn't she look cool.' " - David Neville from Rag & Bone.

Stella McCartney
To many pieces I want! One love..

Love it! Wish I could have been there, watching the models parading in the boardwalk as they unfold the collection against the sunset, waves and gentle breeze of the sea in Venice Lido.

Diane Von Furstenberg
No one can deny DVF’s mastery of fabrics and cuts, I'm not so sure about these head bows though, I found it slightly hard to focus on the clothes, also feel like we've seen them before (Louis Vuitton fall 09 bunny ears?)


  1. oh já Rag&Bone og Chanel eru svo mikið ÆÐI!!! En þetta er allt fab!!


  2. love rag bone.. thanks for the comment! nice blog x

  3. Rag & Bone, Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney were some of my favourites this year. All so effortless.


  4. Have to agree about the Stella McCartney show: wayyyy too many things I wanted as well!

  5. beautiful beautiful garments, i do adore!